How do I get closure on someone?? PLEASE PLEASE READ AND HELP ME!!!

i ended up in bed with a friend when he split up with his girl around this time last year, it was just fun at first and one morning I woke up in his flat and we both discussed we had feelings for each other and we didn't want people to know about us so we "cooled it off" only a week later he deletes me off facebook and I find he is back with the ex! He has been with her since he was a child 16 years and he's 29! Anyway it hit me harder than I thought and I never truly got over him and 3 months later (April this year) I get an inbox, asking me for my number, so as you can guess we started up again, seeing each other once a week spending the whole night from 6 or 7pm together till the next morning, but he told me secrets that I know was hard for him to trust me with, I gave him a gift, we text everyday and during the end of it he was back with his girl, so I told him how I felt, he understood said he wanted to stay mates and I clung on to that but since he has just cut me off like I never existed and never happened! Its been 3 months I've done the crying, the sleeping all day the throwing up if I saw him or my mates had spoken to him and I have been with someone else since but I know it was re-bound and I think of him every single day, I love him and I feel like I have a black hole in my stomach! PLEASE I beg for advice I'm going crazy, seriously I need to get over him, I've accepted we will never be together but the love won't go away!


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  • Just as your own rebound means nothing to you and you are still thinking of that guy. He also had a rebound with you when he was not with her Girl.

    Please accpet that you are his rebound girl and this rebound sh*t never works.

    You will never be on his priority even there is a good chance that he will come back to you again and the cycle keeps repeating.

    You better get out and look for something stable with somone else.

    • Thank you I'll try to accept it and you are right this is a cycle that could repeate if I let it! its just hard to accept if you love them! thanks xx

    • I know where you coming from. Been there and trust me loving someone who takes advantage of your love suck real life. Good girl.....chin up...head high !!!

    • Thanks :) x

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  • in the great vastness of life it has always been the trumpcard of the female to sleep with as many handsome males as possible. she can now claim true social superiority. no short fling can then interfere.


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  • wow you do seem to have it bad, I feel 4 u, just stay away from him for a bit, give yourself some space


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