Am I the one who's wrong?

I've been dating this wonderful guy through my first year of college and now he's dropped out, and I'm finishing my last year. We live about two hours away now and he struggles to ever meet me halfway just to go on a date. And on the rare occasion that we do, his parents drop him off. Its really awful to say, but he doesn't have the means to ever meet me halfway except once a month, if I'm lucky. And I mean i work part time, go to college, and help my family with bills, but he's always the one who can't meet me. He works part time and pays for nearly half his family's bills. I feel bad, but I told him he needs to start putting his life back together, after dropping out, before we can continue dating, because with how often we meet, its not much of a relationship. Not to mention he won't even let me call him, because his phone plan is so limited. He says he's never been more insulted in his life.

What do you think guys? Was I wrong? I'm pretty sure I should go through with the break up, even though i really like him, its just I can't help but feel like maybe I'm the douche? Maybe long distance relationships are supposed to be this sparse? I don't know. Please send your two cents, I'd love to hear it.
Am I the one who's wrong?
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