Why is he texting me?

If my boyfriend split with me last week because he wasn't sure he wanted a girlfriend anymore, why is he texting me a week later? He asked me a pointless question, in which had no relevance to me and he knew that, then when he realized I wasn't interested in talking he asks how I am. I didn't reply to the message, did I do the right thing?


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  • maybe he realizes he was wrong or just wants to be friends but ignoring him outright seems a bit harsh but if dumped you cruelly then it may be just. good luck do you miss him if you do try being friends some people will say its impossible but after time it really can happen I'm now best friends with my ex. good luck :)

    • Thanks! didn't ignore him, I answered the question, but yea after I realized he just wanted an excuse to talk I ignored him, he split with me through text and didn't seem like he cared at all, also he has messed me around in the past which is why I don't want to give in! Thanks

  • It depends on whether you want to be friends/have a relationship with him. To be honest with you, I have learnt you just need to be straight up with guys. My ex boyfriend kept texting me after he split up with me, so I asked him what his intentions were. He told me he missed me, but never mentioned getting back together so now I'm ignoring him.

    He might just be missing the attention from you. If you want to be friends with him then by all means text him back. If you want him back I would ask him why he is texting you. If you don't want anything to do with him then just ignore him.


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