What does this mean?

So I've had been friends with this guy since over 5years now and even though we had been quite close friends, not romantically involved at all, but just very goood friends. We do talk on and off. But not very often. However, only recently, i have noticed something that caught my attention. While we were chatting, he sent me a screenshot of my own profile picture from whatsapp.(he was showing me something in my profile pic to prove his point basically) so when i opened the image, i saw that he saved my name in a similar fashion; Sophie♡

So i went and i checked another screenshot of my profile picture he sent me quite some time before just to confirm if its really a heart i see next to my name. And indeed he has saved my name with a heart next to it. While i thought this was so sweet of him to do, i have been thinking about it. Why would be put a heart next to my name when all these years we have been only very good friends with no romantic feelings for each other.

I do not want to ask him about that, i know he will only say that he likes me a lot as a friend or something like that. And honestly, im scared of even asking that, if he says anything thats related to love, id freak out. And i dont want a good friendship to get awkward because of this.

I just want to know why would any guy put a heart next to a girls name. Do any guy even do this?
What does this mean?
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