Killing her with kindness?

Does it ever work? I want my ex back but I have this stupid problem of being too honest (read: too open) about how I feel to her. Sometimes its good (I tell her she's beautiful) sometimes its bad (I tell her that she can be exhausting). We gradually stopped talking and now its kind of every once in a while that we text back and forth.

She asked me for help getting a job at the place I work because she's having a hard time finding work. I told her 'Of course!' She said she didn't like her new haircut and when she sent me a pic I said it looked great and then even better when I saw it in person today. She likes all that stuff, says thank you and seems generally excited. But if I ask her to get coffee or something she just clams up and I don't get any kind of response.

I know that she's looking for validation and at some level could be using my feelings for her toward her own goals but am I doing the right thing here? If I can keep the bad stuff (Which, mind you, is only post-breakup bad) down to next-to-nothing and keep on with the good, honest talk is there a chance she may come around?

Does killing her with kindness ever work? I always hear the opposite is true but I don't know how to do that. It's been a year, I've tried dating other people, and I can't get her out of my mind. I just find myself wanting to be close to her again.


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  • It's tremendously difficult to actually kill someone with kindness, unless it gives them a big enough ego as to where they do something overly stupid and die. If you want to kill her, grab a gun or some piano wire, it's way easier.

    • Wow, thanks for the help...

    • No problem, bro.

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