Break the Ice, Baby!!

OK, so I met this coworker who works in a different office during a business trip for a week. It was both social and work. He's senior than me (don't know if that matters). It was at all times professional but I think we both felt something because I could tell by the way he looked at me, smiled, copied my body language, etc. I saw him again about a month later for work but because of meetings, etc. we didn't spend as much time together but we tried to find professional reasons to. We talk often over the phone because of work but neither one of us has taken the "professional" conversation to obvious flirtation because neither one has really broken the ice and taken it to that level. I feel like we're both kind of worried because of fear of rejection that could potentially have bad results because we work together but do guys even think that far?

assuming he's in to me, how do I flirt with him over the phone or send him the message that it's OK to go beyond just business? (he's older and more traditional that I think he would want to make the first move... and I don't want to be pegged as that girl that hits on a superior...)


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  • Disguise your flirt as necessary business. It's normally safe.

    • How do you get the message across that you like him at the same time without being so obvious? any advice?

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  • Are you sure he is available? Ring? Maybe he is married or has a girlfriend, which is why he hasn't done anything. Although I can say from experience that men that have someone seem to be more willing to flirt because if they get rejected they still have someone else. There may be policies at your business that dictate about seeing someone in the office, etc. If this person is in a higher up position..not sure what you meant by more Senior (i.e. Executive level?), they may take it more seriously. Some guys are just friendly. I thought this guy liked me based on what was obvious flirting that I didn't see him do with anyone else, and it seems he just wanted to know he was still alive and liked the interest game. haha

    Just be careful, as if you have to deal with this person on a regular basis it could become awkward. If you do anything I would be subtle at first and see what reaction you get and then escelate as you feel appropriate. Office situations tend to get tricky.

    • I know he's not married (divorced) but maybe you're right and he has a girlfriend. But when he's here, I think he flirts pretty hard but maybe that's the whole it's not cheating if it's in a different sate (men!). LOL! He did call me during the summer to wish me a happy bday and to say he could see me soon. We just giggled and then he got off the phone. . I guess he could have just been being nice. That sucks.

    • Oh, if you are both in different states then maybe easier to flirt / be friendly with someone you do not work directly with. I hope I wasn't sounding discouraging. I just try to be realistic being in similar situations. You never really know what a guy is thinking/feeling until he says...and even then it may still be questionable. HAHA You can look through any of the questions on here and see there are MANY reasons why men flirt....ego, player, friendly, likes the person, cause they can,etc

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