How can I let go of my ex who’s going through severe depression and gaming addiction?

Hey it’s me again, it’s been more than two months since I broke up with my ex and I am still thinking about him every day and in fact I cyber stalk him everyday. The first two weeks we broke up, he played games all night and slept during the day. (I have his steam account and it shows his gaming records)
We broke up for his gaming addiction (you can get details from my last question if you have time or interest). He played 120 hours on a new game in two weeks. (He doesn’t have a job but he fully supports himself from investments).
When we broke up, he admitted he’s going through depression and he doesn’t wanna do anything about it either. So he asked me to forget about him now and he will message me when he feels better.
He contacted me 5 days after the breakup, I replied, he didn’t. He then contacted me 5 days later again, this time I didn’t reply. Then we didn’t talk for 3 weeks.
This Monday I couldn’t help it anymore and messaged him. He replied instantly and said he’s near my area and wants to pick me up. I said no and asked him to grab a drink the next day. He called me twice but I didn’t answer because I don’t wanna go over to his place and have sex as our reunion. The next morning he sent me 20 Snapchat stories of his doing random things.
Later he texted me, we talked a bit, he said he was on antidepressants but they made him not wanna “cum” so he stopped then he tried weed but they made him always tired so he stopped too. Now he’s just crazy.
I have no discrimination against depression, in fact me myself have been dealing with depression and anxiety for years. What made me decide to leave the relationship is how emotionally abusive he was to me. I just can’t figure out did he treat me badly for the person he is or depression really turned him into a “player” or “Narcissist “.
I still have some hope for us to get back even tho I know it’s gonna end bad. What should I do?
How can I let go of my ex who’s going through severe depression and gaming addiction?
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