My ex dumped me for his ex.. if he ever contacts me again, what should I do?

When we fought over something reallyyyy minor, I wasn't expecting that he wouldn't want to make up again. He didn't contact me for 2 days which was the longest time of no contact after fights, I then called him told him I missed him and asked to meet up, he said he couldn't cause he was feeling sick, then it became a week of no contact, then 2 weeks.. after 2 weeks he called and asked if I was upset, of course I spoke in a cold manner with him, he then again vanished for another 2 weeks and came back and said he wanted me back, I rejected his first attempt hoping he would insist to change my mind (of course every girl does that), he easily accepted my rejection and again went into no contact for a few days. He begged to see me after some days I finally accepted and he hugged me and kissed my hand and said he would never leave me but we couldn't date again. After that point he kept contacting me but wouldn't show any strong kind of act to date again, this drove me crazy! I cussed at him a few times.. which made him get very offended, but it was all because he was confusing me, I loved him but he didn't directly say let's get back together, he gave me hints that he still likes me but acted indifferent to getting back together. Finally after 2 months he said "he was back with his ex and he was very offended that I had insulted him" and blocked me from everywhere. It really hurt me. The fact that he was playing victim made me really mad. He was probably just keeping me hanging because his ex was doing the same to him. And after he fully got back with her he cut off all contact with me... It's stupid to ask but will he come back? And what should I say to him if he contacts me again?
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After he told me we couldn't date again when I met him, he asked to date again the night after but pulled back and got in a " just friends" manner again.. I know this sounds ridiculous to you, but he kept giving me hope and because I loved him I held on to that false hope. He wasted 2 months of my beautiful age of 21. My life was literally on hold for him, I stopped going to gym, skipped college etc I just stayed home crying waiting for his call.
My ex dumped me for his ex.. if he ever contacts me again, what should I do?
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