Its based on real facts. Please read and give ur opinion... I was dating this guy for one and a half year?

our relationship was going good, infact it wouldn't be wrong to say that it was perfect.
I met him on a chat site from there as conversations grew i got to know more about him. His parents had died in a car accident when he was young and he had lived alone ever since and was now doing good on his own. Ours was a long distance relationship but i knew his friends through fb. He used to come see me at least once in two months we even went out together and had fun.
He seemed happy with him. Told me that he loves me and wants to marry me... we made a lot of plans together... dreamt about our future and how we ll talk to my parents.
I was happy with him even though there were mild ups and downs but still we were doing good.
But one day while we were on a vedio call a lady snatched the phone out of his hands and i saw her she obviously saw me and then disconnected the phone afterwards i kept on calling on his number but it was switched off. Later that night he texted me that he had a sever fall and is hospitalised and asked me not to worry he ll call.
After that vedio call got disconnected, i kept getting calls from another number, but no one said anything from the other end.
Next morning i texted him to know hows he now... he told me that still in the hospital but will call me.
I kept waiting...
In the afternoon i again got a call from the same number and this time the person on the other end talked. It was a lady the same one who had seen me on the vedio call...
Told me i m his wife and i have known about ur affair for quite sometime now... if u want then i could leave u guys alone. And to my shock they were married for last 6years and had two children and his parents they were alive and he even had a brother... my whole world shattered into pieces.
And i told his wife that i had no idea about it otherwise i would never have been with him... i told her that i was victimised... i asked her why she didn't tell me before.
Dt guy has never called me since then.
Its based on real facts. Please read and give ur opinion... I was dating this guy for one and a half year?
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