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Just ended a year relationship with Jay recently. The reason was i heard his phone ringing and i tried to give it to him but then the call ring ended before i was able to give it to him. Then i saw that there was a text that says "i still have your hoodie, i keep forgetting to give it back." I called jay immediately in the room and told him to unlock his phone. Then i opened the text message to see who it was. It was Katie who apparently has been coming to jay's house for a while now to smoke. I confronted him about it and he keep saying that she's just a customer and they didn't fuck. I didn't even asked if they did fuck but i got extremely suspicious especially he is calling her "sexy" and never in the text he told her that he has a girlfriend.

He was mad that i went through his phone even though i did it infront of him. He was also very defensive and rhetoric "what do you want me todo?" he kept asking.

The next day, he was mad at me. why? i have no clue why he was. He also cancelled dinner plans in which he paid for already a week ahead. I tried to talk to him and he said "i dont want to talk to you" I got more upset because im the one who's supposed to be mad after what he did. So i called it off.

This is the guy I love and love taking care off. I never did anything wrong that would affect our relationship. He is very stubborn yet lovable. I love him but wtf? Why do some men wants an attention from other women? Especially the woman theyre with will do anything for the relationship.
Need an advice?
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