I think my sister (who is married) is sleeping with my ex?

Im going to try and keep this short as possible. Back in January I’m pretty certain I had a miscarriage with my ex. I still feel pregnant and my doctor thinks I had twins if I still feel symptoms. So I got several positive (they were very positive) and six negative tests. I got a negative blood test and negative urine test. So because I still feel pregnant I’m going in for an ultrasound because my doctor said some women have a hard time getting positive blood tests.
Anywho my ex went to my sister at the time because I told him she knew what was going on. Because we kept getting a lot of mixed answers from our doctors it made it look like I lied about having a miscarriage. I bled for 8 days straight filled a pad every hour. My periods have always been exactly 4 days on the dot. Any way my sister accused me of trying to trap him saying I wanted to get pregnant to get atttention ( no thanks there are cheaper less painful ways of doing so).

Through out the whole experience he was supportive saying if my parents kicked me out ( saving for a place of my own) I could live with him. Now all of a sudden because my mom found out about what my sister accused me of he got distant and his support shifted. I texted him “I know I don’t have a right to ask but I can’t help since your support has shifted. Are you seeing someone new and do I know her very well”. He texts back “

Am I meeting new people doing new things yes, I have a right to be mad for how you handled things. “ So then I said ok fair enough how close have you gotten with my sister” He responds back with “ I only talked to your sister that one time”
Since this whole thing started my sister has been nothing but kind to me after she accussed me of awful things. My sister is having marital problems with her husband and my ex has broken up a marriage before. I had this same gut feeling with my first boyfriend and he cheated on me and I was right.
I think my sister (who is married) is sleeping with my ex?
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