Is her behavior justified?

Recently had my ex confront me. she was mad at me and shouting at me.
Someone told her that I am spreading rumors about her and defaming her. She took it too sruiserio and without trying to know the truth she just came to me... and after some abuses and shouts she within an eyes blink she just grabbed me by my balls.
She squeezed them and her grip kept on tightening as she kept on shouting at me and asking me why did I do this and that I should apologize to her...
She kept squeezing it and I was in extreme pain , I was unable to properly stand and almost had tears rolling down my cheeks.
When she was content she let me go but before going she thought it was okay to once again knee there.
She warned me not to mess with her again or the consequences would be worse.

I did nothing...

Is her behavior justified?
Did I act cowardly? I should have tried to defend myself and probably hit her in defense?
1 y
No girls?
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Someone answer
Is her behavior justified?
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