Does she miss me?

Her and I broke up and had a bit of a rough post-breakup. I won't get into details, but we haven't even talked for a couple months. I'm still hurting and I'm sure she is. We didn't break up because of anything in the relationship. We didn't want to, but had to. Then we had a big fight. After I began seeing someone else and mutual friends knew about it, she began posting some stuff.
1. she did a cover of falling slowly by Glen Hansard
2. she did a cover of Stone Cold by Demi Lovato
3. her friends stalked me and she blocked one of my accounts but not all of them to get my attention

Is she trying to tell me something? Those songs are very sad and about someone they lost... particularly the one by Lovato as its about the other person moving on and them having to accept it...
Does she miss me?
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