What it means when your ex says he misses you ?

I'm so confused its been like 1 month now that my ex of 2 years left me cause he says that he doesn't have anymore feelings for me...but the thing is he said we could stay friends and stay in contact but he doesn't call me or when he goes on facebook he doesn't come and talk to me...yesterday I went to his work to give him some stuff that he forgot at my place and he told me that he would like to talk for few minutes so we did..i gave him a letter saying about how I fell and everything and I swear he had tears in his eyes and after he told me that it will not work out between us but he told me straight up that he thinks about me and that he misses me a lot ...and also before I leave he wanted to give me a hug so he gave me one and he said that I was beautiful...but the thing is I don't understand anymore I'm so lost I don't know what to do anymore.

ya but I forgot to add that last year we broked up cause of my culture...so we ended up bak together 1 month and half later and this year he broked up whit me cause I haved lost my job and that I was depressed alot.
so I'm not sure if we will get back together a 3 time that's the thing...oh help me please
but I so wanna go back whit him and I so want us to get back together


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  • I understand where you're coming from. Try writing all your anger out, that will definitely help. I know these situations and he will be contacting you in a couple of months. I think he'll have realized that he made a mistake letting you go..because from what you wrote, he still thinks about you.

    This aussie relationship expert could help you out.. she helped me out==> link


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  • ounds to me like he's just regreting giving you up. I say let I'm rust and move on to better people.


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