How do I move on?

My girlfriend died seven years ago because of cancer. She was seventeen. Her funeral was beautiful, I sang and played her favourite song on guitar, ironically, it was "If I die young"... I sang my heart out, and made it sound as good as I could, even though I was crying, I hoped somehow she'd wake up again, if it sounded really good. It didn't work, the funeral went on, and we lowered her coffin into the grave. I don't think I've ever cried so much as I did that day. Her family has supported me greatly through all this, and I have help them as best I could. I feel terrible, I can't even remember her face anymore. She was the sweetest girl I've ever known, she brought joy to everyone around her, and helped everyone she could. There wasn't a single person that she couldn't make smile. I'll stop myself right there, and get to the point.
I can't move on, I dated countless girls, all of them gorgeous ladies, but nothing ever works anymore, I'm just afraid that I'll forget her. But I'm really lonely, I haven't even had sex for Seven Years! How can I move on?
How do I move on?
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