Hooking up with one guy while talking to another...bad?

So, I'm talking to this guy at my school, and he's such a gentleman. I went on a date with him last night and he brought me flowers, aw, the whole works of a chivalrous man. I sort of heard that he was PLANNING on asking me to be his girlfriend tomorrow but in a way, it felt kind of weird on the date, like I didn't give him enough back. We kissed A LOT on the beach after, and he grabbed my bum and what not, but nothing over the top. Well, my friend invited me to sleep over her friend's house (no parents there) and she had a friend who I could hook up with , no strings attached. Which, not going to lie, I am TOTALLY feeling right now.

Would that be really bad and considered cheating? Because, we are technically NOT dating, just "talking."

I can still hook up with other guys, right?

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  • You don't deserve him.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It would not be cheating, because you are not a couple. On the other hand, I think you can't go back to this other guy. The other guy is not trying to be a FWB, he's trying to be a boyfriend. If you are interested in being his girlfriend, you won't sleep with other guys.

    If you want to sleep with other guys, go ahead, but the next time this guy asks you out, you need to tell him you're interested, but not interested in being committed.

    You can't play it both ways. You haven't committed yet, but you need to decide what you want.

  • I think it's wrong that you are pretty sure that he is going to ask you out, yet you want to get a one night stand right before you enter the relationship. I think you should think about how he would feel about it. If you want to be his girlfriend, you should worry about what he would think about it when he finds out.


What Girls Said 1

  • Wouldn't you feel bad/ be mad if a guy did that to you? There you go, there's your answer.


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