How to get my husband back after all this time apart?

This is the thing...My husband and I split up when our son before our son was born. He then got back with his ex girlfriend that he had a daughter with. After I had our son and found out I was devastated and shocked because he wouldn't even have anything to do with her or her child for that matter in the past 4 years.

So the story goes... here it is five years later and he came back in my son's life. He is so much more mature now and so am I. The problem is he is still with this other woman and they now have another daughter. The only thing that give me hope is I am the one he picked from the get go, he left her alone when we met. So how do I get him to find me attractive again?


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  • You should try to talk things out with him, and see what are his plans with you.


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