Do you think my ex is happier with his new gf? Did he leave me and change?

I guess I met him around 4 months post divorce. He only told me he had an ex that he claims cheated he never said ex wife. Anyways we were together 5 months. He appeared to be the most charming guy. He did move the relationship along fast though. He met my family after two weeks, were fb official after a month of knowing each other. He said he loved me after a month and only progressed from there to marriage and kid talk. He gave me gifts and took me on trips. He even started talking about throwing my birth control out and getting me pregnant. So anyways last two weeks of our relationship he became randomly distant. Then I asked him three days before we broke up if he was still interested in moving in together since it was his idea and he said yes.

He dumped me and his reasons were that he would feel guilty if I moved for him like he claimed to be moving for work when he graduates. So turns out that was a lie he’s not moving. He also tried to act caring and that he loved me.

He deleted our pics and changed his status to single after a week. Then he gets in a new relationship a month later and blocks me on fb and insta but kept watching my Snapchats. I saw this girl on his Snapchat like three weeks after we broke up. She already changed her profile pic to them and he met her family already just like he did with me.

What is going on here? He looks happy in that photo just like he used to look with me. I don’t understand how he wanted all this commitment then got cold.
Do you think my ex is happier with his new gf? Did he leave me and change?
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