Need an external point of view on this. How do I get him back? Please help.

We met almost a year ago. We had both gone through a lot in the past and serious relationships were not our thing. He was the type of guy who was addicted to one night stands and who hadn't dated anyone in months. I was the type of girl who slept on the first date and moved on.

He refused to sleep with me, he said it would ruin everything because it was too soon and that sleeping with me like that would mean I was no different from the other girls.

And we started dating for a short while before I left. Everyone was very surprised because I was the first girl he liked in months, I was the first girl he oppened himself to after he had broken up with his ex who happened to be a bitch with him.

And He was the first guy I truly liked in months as well.

So the time we stayed together didn't really matter because we never actually broke up.

I left so, for 6 months. During those 6 months he kept on asking regularly for news and talking to me. He was always the one to come to me and I never made the move to contact him.

He had no idea I was coming back. Until about a month before I actually came back. He didn't date anyone for 6 months. He slept with many girls but dating was not part of Five months after I had left. We saw each other at a party.

He came up to a friend of mine he's close to and told her he had to talk to me. We stayed together the whole night. I was suppose to leave the next day but he asked me to stay. He said he had missed me. I ended up going back to his house and sleeping with him... I left the next day.

Two weeks after that he started dating another girl and stopped talking to me. I went back to my school and see him regularly now. By the way he looks at me my friend says he still likes me or at the very least he is still attracted to me.

He's still dating the same girl he started dating after I left the second time.

I really like him and I feel I haven't acted the way I should have with him.. Is there anything I can do?

Please help!
I really did treat him like crap, didn't I? I completly deserve what he's doing to me right now...


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  • You need to work yourself out before you even think about dealing with him again. You say you like him? You treated him like sh*t. He has no reason to risk his heart on you again until you learn to deal with your issues. It's not fair to him.

    If you want him to know you're seriously about him, pull him aside and tell him 'I've been treating you terribly and I just wanted to let you know you don't deserve it. I really like you and I'm going to figure my sh*t out so I don't hurt you again. Do you think, maybe, after I gets things cleared up, we could try again?"

    It lets him know you care, you know you were wrong, and most importantly, you're going to fix it BEFORE you make him take the leap of faith. Telling him now gives you a sense of legitimacy later instead of being the coy dismissive girl who insists she's changed and he has no reason to believe that.

  • Goodness... Just tell him how you feel. And he will tell you the same in return.

    • I wish it was that simple but he's with someone now. And like I said before, both of us have really suffered in our past relationships, that is why it is very difficult for me to express my feelings and why it will be difficult for him to believe me.

    • Then show him. Show him how you feel.

      And you don't feel this way for nothing. I'm sure he still cares about you, as well.

      Forget his girlfriend! It's HIM you care about.

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