My brother ruin my relationship?

I meet up my brother to my girlfriend. she started talking with my brother on calls and videos calling to ask my brother about me. I don't know what he said about me to my brother. But my girlfriend taking interest in my brother as he is successful. my brother working in a different state.

my girlfriend is so beautiful that any person fell in love with her. I told my things to my brother friend that my brother is talking to my girlfriend so how to stop then they talk to my brother. My brother told to my girlfriend that my brother telling to all my friend that you and my brother had sex and my brother is talking to mine girlfriend. Then she starts to course me about this. she broke up with me. my brother and my girlfriend still talking about a call and video call. I can't do anything.

I am crying that it was my first girlfriend and I am 25 right now. It really hard for me really my brother has done so bad thing to me
My brother ruin my relationship?
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