Does my ex boyfriend still have feelings for me or not?

So me and my ex boyfriend broke up a month ago
He broke it off because we were constantly arguing and so he thought we werent compatible and plus he wants to focus on becoming a police (its gonna take about 1 year to finish off the full time course and training)
But we didn't remove each other on social media
A week later he messaged me a long text to apologize about the break up and all
I replied so we are on good terms
He asked me out to movie and dinner on valentines day and even bought me a bouquet of flowers but told me we still can't be together right now and want to be friends
Ever since that day, he has been messaging me more often tho
Last week he called me just to ask how im going , how my work is going , if im going on dates , my weekend plans , etc
But he's usually messaging me about his day , what happened in his day , about his career plans , his course , whats he's doing , etc
He messages me when he's at work , on his lunch break and on weekends
he's always the one initiating contact
I've never reached out to him first since the break up
He send me long texts but i respond with 2 or 3 sentences at most
But i still would hear from him every week
Do you guys think he still has romantic feelings for me or just wants to be friends/being friendly?
Im confused as fck
I still got strong feelings for him and I dont wanna pretend its fine being friends when I want more
Thats why i stopped replying to his last message today :/
But at the same time I dont wanna lose him
he's still have romantic feelings for you
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He doesn't have romantic feelings for you.. he wants to be friends
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Does my ex boyfriend still have feelings for me or not?
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