Why is she so hot and cold?

Two months ago I started to reconnect with a girl I met early this year. We text nearly every day. She lives kind of far so I only get to see her sometimes once a week but I always have a great time when I'm with her.

The thing is, sometimes it seems like she really likes me and sometimes she just wants to play games. For example, I asked her to come out with me and my friends but she couldn't because she had an exam to study for. But she ended up coming out anyway and we were at the same party but I didn't know that until she told me later on that night -- after she had already left the place.

I don't get why she didn't want to say hi. She said she likes me and I've told her the same. We had sex once but she doesn't want to do it again. I'm not understanding what's going on here. She starts to let me in and then she backs off.


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  • She's not interested...move on.


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  • she ios confused about you ,like half of time she wants you another half of time she doesn't want you

    so its better just give her space,if she really intrested she would get back to you or just move on


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