Ex boyfriend problems.


Me and my ex were together a year and ten months. We went through so much together. Towards the end of our relationship things were veryy rocky. We couldn’t get along or even have a decent conversation.

Last Friday night he called me and we talked and suddenly started to argue. He told me that maybe we should “be friends.” I said “fine. Break up with me then.” He kept refusing to break up with me and continue to argue with me.

(I know he didn’t mean it when he said he wants to be friends, he was just upset.)

But anyways, I said “fine. We’re done then. And I can't be your friend. Bye.”

And I hung up.

He texts me calling me a coward and a liar and then he tells me to grow up.

I never responded.

Its been eight days and he hasn’t even called me…

What does that mean?


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  • what does that mean? You broke off with him and have not returned his texts! Now you want him to call you? You pushed him away. You got what you wanted, and it seems like it was what he wanted to, because he has let go.


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