Why can we cut the cord?

We've been broken up for almost 3 weeks. He also started dating someone else.

And we're still in contact with each other. Today he told me it's been weird without me.

It just doesn't feel right deep down inside of my heart. We still care about each other and all that fun shit. It's just one those things were for some reason you can't be together no matter how much you want to.
It's painful and it's real
1 y
This is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. It's hard to picture my life without him, cause when I thought of my future I always seen him by my side.
It feels weird without him. I'm completely lost and devastated beyond believe. He's my best friend.
But I agree we need space. We're going around in circles talking about the breakup.
This new relationship he said life was just pulling him in that direction at the moment and he had to go see what it was about.
Why can we cut the cord?
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