She's in my head, how do I forget her?

It never became a conversation or a date. She used to be all love sick at one time she was so in love. She would talk in this high pitched voice as if she was going to cry. It went from sex to I love you. It was all in hi and byes. I never had that happen. I feel for it. Recently I started crying. for about two days. I get really depressed since I want to have sex and she's in my head. She now talks to other guys. it happened over six months. I want to move on. If it was meant to be it would. If three weeks ago it stopped could she be still untrusted? Would she disrespect me if I have sex with someone and she comes around after waiting so long? She now flirts with other guys she's never been the type. Its been six months since I had sex. I was told she has a boyfreind.


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  • How do you know she is talking to other guys? It may not be true, unless you have been told by her. ..I've had people lie to my exs before simply because they did not want me around or with them again...also if you want her back give it a try...If not , the best way for me to get someone out of my head is to stay as busy as possible..Fill every last bit of your time up with anything you can. . never stay up at night either it is one of the worse things you can do after a break-up..And lastly don't sit around a tourcher your self wondering about what's going on with her it might help just to ask her...

    • Today she was really really kind to me for the first time. I see her talking to them. its at the gym...

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  • best thing to do is just to move on and find yourself another girl. I'm going to the same thing. I think about whether she's having sex with other people but you know that's not healthy. many times when girls move on, they really don't think about their ex's anymore cause their feelings changed. so my best advice is to not wait around. go have fun

  • I feel your pain. It's actually good to cry and let it all out, but you should give yourself limits, like an hour a day. Try to do something physically active to drain that energy.

    But if you still want your ex, check out what this guy has to say==> link


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