What should I do?

So a few days ago me and my girlfriend broke up cause in a few months she is moving away and she feels she wouldn't be able to handle a long distance relationship and she is about to graduate school and she feels she needs to discover herself, even after we broke up she said that she still loved me and I still love her.

She said we can still be friends but she doesn't know if we will get back together cause she doesn't know how long this rediscovery of herself might take.

I still love her and I knew silent treatments and pouting wouldn't fix the relationship so I tried talking to her normally and she said she needed a few days to think, this was yesterday and I couldn't handle myself today and decided to ask her if we could meet up and have a serious conversation hoping to fix the relationship but she just told me to leave her alone, she'll contact me when she's ready and that right now isn't the time.

Do y'all think I fucked up by asking too soon? How should I handle this going foward, I'm going to give her space but I'm scared of leaving her alone, she said she wasn't gonna date for awhile but I'm scared the she might be vulnerable right now and all it takes is 1 guy with the right moves to win her over.
What should I do?
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