Would you want your current boy friend/girl friend to meet your ex who you are friends with?

I was just curious, because some of my friends are friends with there ex's and well they have told me that they usually don't meet because it would be awkward and they wouldn't get along. That they both are saying that they would be okay to meet each other but they presume they wouldn't be okay with each other. What would do you guys think?


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  • Well most people say thy shouldn't meet. but I learnd tht there is nothing wrong with bing friends with your ex and if nothings qoinq on with yu and yu ex what is so bad about thm meeting. my ex matt is in love with me and he meet the new quy I am with and thy didn't do nothing or start nothing because I'm in the picturee. and now I'm not with either of thm and thy are cool.


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