Just an excuse? be patient and let things develop naturally?

i've been dating this girl for a month a and a half...on this week, she came to my house and we saw movies all cuddle up, on another day we went to a nice spot just to talk and kissed, etc...yesterday I visited her and she was all weird, after talking she said that she didn't feel that push to make the relationship formal, said she has too many issues inside of her that she needs to work out and it's not fair with me (still affected heavily from her former breakup couple months ago)...what I'd like to know, if why if all this week we spend time together and everything perfect, suddenly yesterday she drops the bomb...she says that she'd like to be friends and not lose that since we enjoy being together...i first told her no but then we spoke again and I agreed that since I care for her and we do have a friend relationship, why ruin it...I'm not head over heals for her but just wanted some third opinions on this matter


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  • It seems she's just making excuses.


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