Is she absolutely crazy? Or do I just not understand girl behavior?

I've just been through a ridiculously drawn out break-up process with my ex (4 months-ish).

After a 1.5 year relationship and having moved in together, I'd got comfortable and stopped showing my appreciation of her, and becoming emotionally and financially dependent on her. I also refused to discuss anything serious, problems, our future, marriage which was very frustrating for her (my bad). As a result she dumped me in May and moved out to a place 2 hours away (fair enough - although I was devastated).

After that I read all the guides online of 'How to get your ex back' i.e. No contacting her, get on with your life, make yourself seem busy.

This actually led to her frequently calling me like 6 times in a row - and at one point when I told her I was busy, she suddenly asked 'Are you seeing someone else!?' (I wasn't but it shouldn't have mattered).

She'd been hanging around with a new guy mate since just before she broke up with me, but one day that guy randomly told her he couldn't be mates with her or see her any more, and almost immediately after (I was on the phone to her at the actual moment he came to her door and said this), she asked me if I wanted to move in with her and start a new life together. I didn't, but we did get back together, I just spent loads of time at hers.

From this point though, she was always switching from being lovely, to being very off and cold, and said she was struggling to get over how I'd behaved before.

A bit further on in time, she met some new mates where she lived, and from that point grew more and more distant from me. She started canceling last minute on plans to come see me to hang out with this one guy (I could easily assume funny business going on, but for my own sanity, I'm not going to. These were her first mates where she lived so I'm sure that's all this guy is).

As she'd canceled on all these plans to see her, I'd not seen her for a week or so, and on the phone I told her I missed her and she just remained silent. When I asked if she felt the same, she said she was too busy to miss me, and was annoyed I had asked. When I made references to this guy her response was 'You're a bit hung-up on that aren't you' and shortly after we decided that I needed to give her space for a couple of weeks.

For the next few days, she kept saying stuff to me on MSN Messenger: 'Hello...Just saying hello...hope you're ok'.. etc. etc. I ignored them because I thought we'd agreed to have some space! A couple of days after, she called me and said it wasn't going to work and we broke up for good. Again, I was devastated.

This time round I cut off all contact and ties in order to get over her, and she only occasionally contacted me to get hold of some money I owe her.

2 months later (the other day) she called me, and we chat for 8 hours! It led to me proposing on the phone to her. She said she can't answer but cares about me, but got very physically turned on when I told her that I love her.

What am I to think?


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What Girls Said 1

  • You have landed yourself in a hard spot. You may have proposed to her but don't go running to the courthouse. If this third try goes the same direction as the last two attempts IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON! If you end up playing the game of on-again off-again relationship you could end up burned and scared for life. At the same time if you don't they you could spend your life wondering "what if?"


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude, you two sound freaking insane and if I knew a good therapist I'd recommend one. Good grief I think I need one after reading that.


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