Is she trying to keep tabs on me while we are not together? What the #$?!% is she doing?

Ok. Me and this girl break up a few weeks ago. She has a lot of drama in her life with court stuff. Plus things were not the same anymore between us. We break up (her choice), because she needs to focus on her court stuff and not me. So I start the no contact with her, but problem is that we work together. So I see her occasionally. And we speak to the same people. She hasn't tried talking to me either and I kind of think she is dating somebody else already. No proof, but it's the way she acts. Nobody at work though.

Anyways today when I was talking to a female co worker who has been having man problems herself. She tells me my ex came to her today expressing concern for her because she had seen how my co worker was upset the last week at work. Mind you my ex and her didn't really speak that much about anything. But my ex knew that I talked with her off and on because she is in my department. During their conversation my ex gave her her number "if she wants to talk" about stuff. This co worker knew we were broken up by me telling her but she hasn't heard anything from my ex about it yet. You know playing dumb! Well in there conversation today, my ex says out of nowhere, "By the way he and I are broken up FOR NOW". What is this for now crap and is she trying to keep tabs on me while we are not together? HELP!


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  • I think your ex is definitely thinking about you, but there is something that you're doing that's keeping her away. It's tough working at the same place. I would definitely not question her about anything and just give her some space. Let your co-worker give you the low down on what your ex is thinking.

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