Annoyed, please help.

So in a nut shell my ex and I have been broken up for 2 months today. He felt like that he wasn't ready for a serious relationship like he thought he was. Still told me he was in love with me even after we broke up. However, I found out he has been "hanging out" with a women he met. I was p*ssed. More hurt that he thought he couldn't be in a relationship with me and now he is spending time with this girl he barely knows.

Anyway I am frustrated at the fact as to why does it seem like he has it all? New job, new girl, and doing other activities. And I am taking care of business working, grieving etc. It hurts to see that he is all fine. The relationship actually meant something to me! So I am not going to lie when I say that I was a wreck. I don't want to be bitter, but it hurts to see him move on and think I am disposable and now replaceable. His own family thinks he did me wrong. When will he grow up? I mean he is almost 30.


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  • Yeah, my ex did something similar. She broke up with me saying she wasn't able to commit to a relationship, and I find that a few weeks later she's in a new relationship. So to have someone break up with you, and then to go against their reasons for doing it in the first place is incredibly frustrating and painful, so I share your annoyance.

    He seems like he has it all because he did the dumping, therefore is in a much better position to feel less emotional about the situation. He doesn't have it all, it just seems like he does because you're still trying to recover from the break up. He's a lot more able to get on with his life, while you must bear the brunt of the suffering. You're more focused on what he has that you don't have, rather than focusing on what you have and what you need.

    Unfortunately for you, he has moved on, and while he may not completely see you as disposable or replacable, he certainly doesn't care for your feelings, or what you may think as much as he may have used to. The best advice would be to simply let go of your feelings for him, and to walk away (which I know is much easier said than done, but you'll be greatful once you learn to let go of all your emotions towards him). The longer you hold onto those feelings of bitterness and frustration the longer it will take for you to pick yourself up and move on.

    His own family thinks he did you wrong, and I would agree, because he told you one thing, and then just went about doing the opposite. If someone is willing to betray your trust and your feelings in the fashion that he did, then I doubt he would have been worth keeping in your life in the long run.

  • And yet your still alive. Move on and make a life of your own before You waste your life crying over him. He's the past, You are the present and it's up to You to make yourself a better future. Their are other fishes in the sea.


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