My ex's best friend...why is he doing this boys?

OK so I dated this guy who had a lot of family/drug problems. I'am in college and we dated for 2 months and it was long distance. we were good friends before and he is a really nice guy but due to the problems mentioned he broke up with me. we still remained friends and hangout sometimes. exactly a year after we started dating my ex's best friend takes my ex's phone and asks if I want to sleep with him (the best friend)...i say the morning I text my ex asking what that was about and he said that he was sorry and that his friend was drunk and acting very stupid. anyway, my ex's best friend then adds me on facebook and starts talking to me...he jokes around saying how he wants to sleep with me and stuff (I know he is a sarcastic guy who jokes around-he is not some perv)...he messages me like everyday! um why does he do this? its not like I'm complaining that he does because we actually do talk about things but he constantly mentions the idea of sleeping with me...why does my ex's best friend suddenly talk to me? its not like I recently met him (I met him a year ago) and he lives faraway from me...i just find it all weird I guess?


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  • He's playing games. Yeah, he may want to sleep with you, but I wouldn't treat it as some compliment or great sign. His whole approach is just... off.

  • I think it's because he wants to sleep with you.


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