Will my ex ever unblock me?

My ex and I split in October. Well we stayed away from eachother for awhile until I started reaching back out in January. Most of the time I wouldn't get a response. Anyway back in February we got into it alittle. It wasn't a fight but she basically told me that I hurt her and she couldn't look past it. She said we both needed time to heal and refused to meet me. I told her I loved her and wanted to fix things with her. Well her response was to block my number. My question is do you think this is permanent or temporary? It seems to me that she's not completely over it and I'm 99% sure she's not seeing anyone else. We were together for 2 years and were talking about getting married. Obviously my hands are kinda tied since I can't contact her but maybe that's best for now. My gut tells me this is temporary and only did it because she's still upset. Opinions? Do girls often do things like this during emotional driven moments?

Will my ex ever unblock me?
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