What was the last date/outting before splitting with your ex like?

For me it was a short trip with her and her sis.

For some reason she chose to sit next to me on the bus, instead of her sister. Slapped my phone jokingly. And when we got to the hostel she decided to dance in front of me while shaking her ass. The sister questioned it and she said she just wants to get a reaction out of me, and commented how I never react. Also the sister took the front seat while leaving us in the back while taking an Uber back. Walked back across Philly to a restaurant the three of us shared dishes, her and I tasted each other's drinks, and she ate my leftovers from my bowl. Again, the sister made sure her and I were sat next to each other. Originally us two were supposed to be getting drinks nearby, but she called it early that night

Then she was cold and distant all of day two. Later I mentioned how it was pretty funny with how I've known her for like 3 months and we went on a small trip together. But she said I invited myself. Despite her saying "I'm going down to Philly with my sister, you can come if you want" originally, later I mentioned how we were kinda in a weird spot, and she quickly said were just friends and that she thought it was clear. But in what world is "well talk more about it another time" a definite, clear answer? Especially since she seemed excited to talk about it in the past

By the time we got back to NYC, I wasn't really wanting to speak after that whole thing, so I just left her and her sis without saying anything. I apologized a few days later, but she didn't respond. Weirdly enough someone at work wanted me to message her for him, so I did. She then got back to me that night, and said "Ok thanks. I don’t mind that you just left. I need to focus on getting work/getting out of Long Island/getting to do more of the things I want to do. I hope you understand"

I ended up saying that "I understand. If you want to talk, meet or hang out when things will be less busy don't hesitate to contact me." And that was 5 weeks ago.
What was the last date/outting before splitting with your ex like?
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