Ill cut to the point.. basically me and my ex split up about 4 month ago.. it ended quite abruptly. She basically jumped into another relationship quite soon after and don't get me wrong I was heartbroken.

now I went down the "no contract" route to get her out of my system.. she's not contacted me either and from what I can gather she's happy with this other guy..

Ive not seen her since the break up or heard from her...

Until last night..

i went to a bar with a few friends (male) and I noticed she was there with her new bf.. I didn't stare at her or talk just carried on with my night with my friends.

she walked past me on her own and bumped her shoulder into me I had my back to her.. and kept walking to the toilet I didn't do anything nor did I acknowledge her.. why she doing this? obviously she tried to get my attention and trying to rub it in my face I think I dunno? just wanted some outside views really... maybe she didn't mean to and I'm reading into it...

many thanks


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  • Probably to make you jealous! Small chance it could have been an accident, but not likely. Be cool, stay strong and keep ignoring her.


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  • She sounds like she's just trying to get back at you and make herself look like she moved on first. Ignore her


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  • Just trying to make you jealous. Such girls love to see their ex. looking miserable even when they are already in a new relationship. Such childish things cost them good relationships againa and again.


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