I think he is cheating, what can make me sure?

I am 8 months pregnant with our first child. We have been dating for 10 months. First of all, he is not happy that I am having the baby and was more towards abortion - I don't know why. But about 4 weeks ago we had an argument and he wanted to take a break from each other. We lived together in the same house and I am 400 miles from anyone that I know. But I gave him what he wanted and went to stay with my mother for two and a half weeks. Last week he brought me back home. The first day I seen him he was overly affectionate - definitely more than he normally is. Every day since then he has been beyond distant and has also come out and said he is not happy and that he doesn't think he is in love with me anymore. I have caught him in a couple lies in the past week since I have been home, which makes me nervous. He has passwords on everything and is very over protective with his phone and has multiple passwords on it as well. He is constantly texting someone at all time it seems. I love him but I honestly feel so unappreciated at this point. I am also very scared on what I should do being 8 months pregnant and back to being 400 miles way from my family. Help! What is going on with him? Is he cheating?


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  • He is not giving all the information. He wants to possibly cheat. Is that a violation?


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  • I don't know if he is cheating or not he could be freaking out since you re close to due date probably.

    About the passwords and texting well am not sure, but they consider this as a sign so am not sure

    what you could do perhaps you need to speak with him and ask him what is going on, if he has started seeing someone else or something am not sure.

    Eitherway he is gunna think that you re crazy and he will blame your hormones( even if he is cheating)... Could all that be in your head?

    Talk to him if you get nothing then find a clue or he has to get caught to be really sure otherwise I don't know


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