Found out my ex tried to end it?

Well my ex boyfriend and i split up 3 days ago and I've just had a call that he's been admitted to the ICU after taking an overdose of opiates, since i had to go up to the hospital to sort out some paperwork for him they gave me the stuff he had on him to take back to his house well anyway sat on top of the box was his note :( he wrote about how much he didn't like his life and how he couldn't cope :( what makes it worse is that he wished me happiness and didn't want me thinking i was to blame :( i know i am partialy responsible :( i wish i could have felt feelings back! He doesn't deserve whats happening to him he loved me ane i left him because i couldnt reciprocate feelings for him, i remember then he went out to go home but i saw him sobbing at his car wheel for 3 hours i feel awful :'( how do i cope?

Anyone saying its attention seeking! He told NOBODY his friend went around to surprise him and take him to the football and found him!
Found out my ex tried to end it?
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