What should I do?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for about 7 months now and I don't think I have feelings for him anymore.
When we first started dating he was on summer break from college and he took only 1 class so we spent a lot of time together and we messaged a lot. Now he's a full time student and whenever i get to see him he plays games 80% of the time and when we go to parties he hardly ever talks to me about anything (acutally id say most of the time) i honestly don't remember the last time we had a good conversation.
I usually go to his place during the weekend and most of the time I'm hanging out with one of his room mates. I'm starting to look forward to seeing him than my own boyfriend. He doesn't flirt with me or anything and we don't talk an excessive amount but I just really appreciate the fact that when I'm alone he just sits near me and we make small talk. Or when everyone is off hanging in groups he'll sit down and we play games. (... and sadly I think I'm starting to like him but I know he won't think the same of me especially since he's really good friends with my bofriend)
I talked with my best friend and she thinks that if my own boyfriend isn't going to sacrifice his time to be with me why should I keep trying so hard. Its not 50/50 and I just can't take it anymore.
I wanna just break up but ( i know this is really bad and selfish) I wouldn't get to see his roommates or hang out with his friends at house parties. I would be really alone if I left him so I don't know what to do now.
What should I do?
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