Whose fault would it be?

If a guy cheats on a girl or a girl cheats on a guy

And the person cheated on is insecure in the relationship

after that, who`s fault is it that their insecure


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  • I don't think this situation comes down to insecurity. These people who act like consuming leeches go from person to person and leave one for the other if the first "host" is incapable of satisfying all his needs. It's really a shame that people don't think of loyalty as a rule to be followed.

    So it's the cheater's fault because he was willing to leave and participate in another relationship simultaneously (and possibly get involved with another person sexually), and that he did not value the relationship and the person he was involved with enough to make him stay.

    But it's also the cheated's fault that she was incapable of providing for all needs of him...


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  • both are at fault, one for the person who committed the act (majority of blame), the other partly because they didn't do anything to save the relationship that allowed for the problems to build-up to that act...this is assuming that both partners are of moral-character

    i'd put it to this analogy...the person that burns someone's house down is an arsonist, the person that watches it and doesn't report it or try to help put the fire out is an unintended accomplice to the crime

  • Its the Cheaters Fault.

    If you bought a new car and took it in to be fixed and the repairman did something wrong and you crashed, would you be a little nervous if you took your car back afterward to get it fixed again?

    having someone's trust is having control over their future. When that trust is broken by one of the most disrespectful acts in a relationship they will now and prob always question everything. The very foundation and reason of being in a relationship is to find someone to trust. So the cheater ruined the very reason of being in a relationship.


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