Someone who knows about laws and parole please answer?

OK so my ex just went to court today. He just turned 19. He has been on a good behavior bond for a year for getting into a fight with some kids who were bullying his little sister and cousin. So he went to court for that and got a good behavior bond.

After we broke up he went off the rails more so, and started drinking a lot. He ended up getting into a fight at his sisters birthday and the police got involved.

He went to court for it today and was lucky. He got parole and has to report to a parole officer, he got 125 hours community service, and he also has to move to another state within 2 weeks.

I live in Australia, so he has to move from New South Wales to Queensland. I've never heard of people being made to move before. Is that a common thing that they will say you have to move somewhere by a certain time frame?

I guess I still have feelings for him, and I'm a little bit sad that he's gonna be in a different state and I'm never gonna see him. He really is a good person, he just sticks up for people too much..


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  • More than likely the court looked at it like "we've already given you a chance, you screwed up, off you go." I'm surprised he didn't get some jail time.

    Lots of cities will require someone to relocate if they are a troublemaker as well.

  • Well I'm from the US so the rules are different, BUT I have known 1 person personally that had a condition of his parole that stated he could not live in the state the offense was commited. Therefore when he was released he had to move, but the living arrangements had to be set up prior to him getting out or else they weren't going to release him.

    Maybe he has to move because the court sees some sort of opportunity that is better for him their, maybe family, a job? I dunno...But if you really like the guy stand by him. I know it's sad but parole doesn't last forever.


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