What to do with ex's stuff?

Hi GAGers

Imagine a creepy ex is stalking you after you dumped him. You want to get this creep off your back. He texts you that he loves you. But you want nothing to do with him.

Girls this guy won't back off me no matter what.

Here's the deal: i have possession of some of his belongings ( sex videos of him with guys, girls and animals, his favorite crack pipe and clothes. in all of his text messages, the creep asks me to return the items.

Would you return his items to him if that meant getting him off your back? or keep them to punish for being such a creep by doing sex video of us without telling me? or have one of your other lovers convince him to back off you.
return his stuff to end relationship for good including sex tapes with me
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keep stuff to punish him and protect other people he taped sex with
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have other guy physically convince him to leave you alone and keep stuff
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What to do with ex's stuff?
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