Would this go any further?

I met this guy about a yr. ago and ever since then we have been having sex. It just keeps getting better. Our relationship talks have evolved over time. At first we didn't want one. But then I wanted one, he didn't. A couple months ago he seem to want one... Point is we constantly argue but can get along pretty dam well. Especially sexually. He hasn't had a girlfriend this whole time , I had a boyfriend but broke up with him for cheating on him with this guy. Sometimes I think I like him more than he likes me. According to him , he hasn't asked the big question because he is going through economic instability. He says how is he going to afford a girlfriend if he can't even afford himself. He also wants to live on his own, hasn't found a place. He is 20. I'm 18. Another point he makes is I deserve better than what he can give me. is he just making excuses or will this ever go any further?


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  • All of his excuses are basically "it's not you, it's me". They're designed to make you feel better about him not wanting a relationship with you. All he wants is sex. Will that change in the future? Anything is possible. But if he really wanted a relationship right now he would be asking you for one.


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  • Its not an excuse exactly.. He obviously feels that he needs to fix what's going on in his life before he brings someone into it. And if he is the kind of guy that wants to treat you right, then not having money probably makes him feel like crap about himself. Encourage him to do what he wants, and at the point when he has a place to live and a little money in his pocket a relationship will definitely start, especially if you helped him get there

  • It be as simple as possible it means he doesn't really like you.

    Its going to sting a little bit to read this but you are his "safety valve", meaning that when he goes out on a Friday after hanging out with his friends and hitting on girls he will call you (probably usually around midnight) it means that he isn't having sex with the girl he wants to so he calls you.

  • All this guy wants is sex. Pretty weak for a guy to be able to have sex with someone but not make any kind of commitment at all by making these excuses.

    I also completely agree with what 1stblackx said

    I feel bad for the guy you broke up with - that's pretty lame knowing my girlfriend cheated on me with a guy who just uses her as a hookup.


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  • All his excuses really just seem like consolation methods. It's clear he doesn't want a relationship right now. Unless guys are especially shy, they make it clear when they want something more serious.

    He could change his mind in the future, but I wouldn't bet on it. I'm sorry if that disappoints you.


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