Why is he waiting? is he scared?

we have been friends for a long time, we hooked up. I really like him. he kissed me goodnight. wasn't expecting it.

He really wants to see me again soon, to hang out. I think he likes me but am unsure.

p.s. he has showed all the signs of liking me, but I am wondering if he will ask me. I will be patient, and not push it, because I am afraid of rushing into a relationship 2 quickly, and then loosing him.

do guys normally do stuff like that? like wait a while before making things official.

he even told me to add his mom on facebook. lol. thought it was cute. long story on why he told me to.

he tells me everything, and I tell him everything as well. we would be a perfect couple.

I just hope he asks me :)

p.s. I think he is waiting because his ex girlfriend broke his heart, and I really think he is trying not to get hurt again. that's my thought on the subject :)


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  • You can ask him out!


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  • I think you're gonna be okay ^_^ Have patience with him and give him time.


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  • You don’t have to worry, because most of guys for some reason, which is in their nature, are very slow to adapt. No matter how many times you tell him (or do) something, he just doesn't seem to get it.

    This is why you need patience.

    Don't be offended when you don't get exactly the response you would expect from him. He will listen to you if you stand in front of him with an attitude (but don’t act like you’re his mother), and that will work.

    Break that believing that men and women are from different planet, and get to know him. Every day you have a chance to find out something new about him. Use that, and you’ll have a better relationship which gets even better as days go by.

    And remember, you must focus on how he thinks, instead of how you think. That is a common mistake that girls do when they try to solve some problem with their man. Be aware the signals you are sending to him.

    I offered you help here with some advices, just use them and everything will be just fine. I’m interested to help you, but there are some things you need to learn before it’s too late.

    Don’t risk buying batch of stupid girls magazines, there are 99% useless. If you’re interesting in finding more about what is necessary to find or keep the guy you think you deserve, check out this link

    I hope I helped you!

    I wish you good luck with guys!


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