I wanna say sorry but should I wait?

Ima make this short and quick, my girlfriend broke up with me and I lashed out at her for saying her pain was just as much as mine and I told her that hers was nothing compared to mine cause she had time to prepare and I had no warning all in the heat of the moment and she even agreed that I was right to be more hurt and angry then her.

Well now 1 week later I wanted to look at some of our old conversations and as I was reading through some of our old arguments (yes I save those, weird but who isn't now a days) and reading those arguments with what I know now it was pretty clear that she knew this would happen and it was hurting her already and I feel bad for not reading the signs sooner. So should I apologize as soon as I can or should I wait to tell her?

Side Notes
1) Yes I intend on trying to get back with her, reason for breakup was she knew in her heart she couldn't handle a Long Distance and I have a plan to fix that
2) I haven't talked to her in 5 days I'm giving her some space
I wanna say sorry but should I wait?
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