Is it always wrong to hook up with your ex?

I know it is stupid to hook up with your ex with the hopes of getting back together with them. But, if you guys both aren't seeing anyone else, & both want it... is it still wrong?

I told myself I wouldn't hook up with my ex after he dumped me. We both agreed we didn't want to be "Friends with Benefits". But we have become friends again (he was one of my best friends before we dated), and every now and then, things feel like 'they did when we dated' and we get horny lol and hook up. Its not every time we hang out. Maybe 2 or 3 times a month. So I guess we kind of have fallen victim to becoming FWB, even though we both didn't want to do that to each other.

I kind of think it's wrong. But at the same time it feels so right. Haha. He thinks it's okay because we both want it, and because we were good friends before dating & stuff. We aren't just "using" each other.

Soo yeah, I dunno, what to do all think? Part of me thinks we should stop. And the other part of me doesn't... just thinks its all in good fun.

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  • Why did y'all break up? If you still have feelings for each other, go back out. It's that simple. Be honest with him and make it clear that you want something more and not to be just a booty call, even if you want it too.


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