I want to get back with my ex, does he still like me?

My Ex and I broke up 5 months ago we went out for 2 1/2 years, I broke up with him. Recently I've gone home and I ran into him at a party. He has a new girlfriend and proceeded to tell me that she meant nothing to him and that she's more of a friend he hangs out with. He has been taking her places that we went to when we were going out to kind of cover up the memories we made. He told me he thinks about me before he goes to bed and that he compares her all the time to me. He and I texted and called each other all week and when I went home again this past weekend I asked to talk again which ended in him saying that we obviously weren't meant for each other. He distanced himself and started hanging out with his girlfriend a little more after the argument. We've hung out two times again after and he mentioned our past and brings us things we used to do. He also asked my friend if I say anything about him a couple days ago. He's stopped texting and calling me thought and I'm not trying to call/text him because of fear of seeming pathetic. What should I do, am I reading too much into the signs? I want to get back together.


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  • Think about this! do you want to get back because You genuinely want him back or because you're jealous of the new gf?


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  • Before getting back with an EX you should remember the reason why you broke up in the first place. This takes a lot of thinking. Maybe giving it another chance will help. Every relationship is different.


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