How do you tell someone you cut yourself, with out making them call you emo or stressing to much about?

no one wants to be called emo -_-


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  • Unless you're emo, then you're okay with being called emo, lol. But seriously, the only ones who would understand where you're coming from is other cutters. They won't call you names or judge you because they get your pain you know?

    You know the easiest way to tell someone is when you do it anonymously. You just have someone to talk to and to listen and they don't know you so no gossip or judgment. There's a teen hotline for cutting - it's an 800 number so no charge. Call 1-800-366-8288, and just check it out. You can always hang up if at anytime you don't feel comfortable right? So it's worth a try. Also, check out the link below, it might be good info/support for you -


    Good luck sweetie, my heart goes out to you!


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  • Don't tell anyone that you don't trust. If your friends are really your friends they'll be sensitive about it. If not, then scrap them as friends. Trust me, I know high school f***ing sucks, but once you graduate you won't have to see any of those people ever again. Try not to worry about being called emo, try not to worry about what your classmates are thinking, and try not to lose yourself just to be accepted. It's not a road you want to go down, believe me.

  • Why would you want to tell someone you cut yourself?

    That is stereotypical emo because you'd be saying it for the attention and their reaction.

    Listen, if you really had a cutting problem, you would NOT be so open about it.

    People with serious cutting issues will hide it as they are mentally unstable.

    If you told someone, of course they're going to be stressed. What makes you think otherwise?

    If you want help, you should be telling your parents or a help line, not your friends.


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  • Tell someone that you trust and for sure have the trust that he won't call you emo. I'd be better if you told an adult about this than an under age friend because they may not help you.


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