Is my ex still thinking about me?

It’s been about 6 months since my ex and I broke up. Over the first 3 months, we had no contact, I completely cut him off and blocked him everywhere. Around November, I wished him a happy birthday and he responded right away and we talked for about 3 hours. We didn’t talk for a good 2 months after and in January, that’s when I began to notice that he lurks mhm instagram sometimes. There isn’t much on there but I did notice his profile pops up on my story watched list. We dont follow each other, so that would mean he has to manually search for me. We talked about 3 weeks ago, the most recent time we talked. He told me he was visiting and when we do talk, he would keep my updated on his family and once, he asked if I was already seeing anyone. I’m sure he wants me to move on, but I feel like he also doesn’t. I feel like he tries to make me jealous when he talks about his female friends and he emphasizes they are female. I’m like okay, what do you want to me say? there’s nothing I need to say about it. Then he told me he was visiting for 10 days at the end of March and said that it would be his last time returning for the year. I never asked or took any interest. The past 2 weeks, we haven’t talked and I’ve noticed he started watching the highlights I had on my story and I just found it odd because like I said, there would have not been a way for him to know I added something new unless he searched for me himself during the time we didn’t talk. He leaves traces and I don't know if he knows that. Do you think he’s still thinking about me?
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He doesn’t contact me first. But when I do, he will spill all his updates and I did make a comment about him getting laid and he said he isn’t getting laid at all because sex isn’t the most important thing. I know the person he was before we were together, was the exact opposite, all he did was want to get laid. Even when we were together he slept over all the time, but we wouldn’t really get intimate all the time, just when the time was right. I guess we liked being just in presence more
Is my ex still thinking about me?
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