How do I get him to like me back?

OK there is this guy I really like but he is 19 and I'm 17 and his like really smart and says things I have a hard time understanding and I don't know if he would like me back... He also happens to be my tennis coach this is how I met him.. I'm very shy around him and I'm to quiet sometimes and I don't think he likes that about me I try my best to make conversation but I don't know if that's enough... we have hanged out a little and we have made out as well but right now we are just friends with benefits but I might want something more than that... he told one of his female friends that we both kinda like each other and she thought it be good and he said there might be some hope but hasn't said anything since... I don't know what should I do to get him to like me back? He thinks I'm very pretty and loves my cute giggles and laugh lol and thinks its cute how little I am being a senior ...


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  • why should he buy the cow when you're giving away the milk for free? *stop* giving out freebies. for example, if he gets really close to your face, hoping to make out, flounce off and ask cutely how to get that cool backspin again. teasing him and acting cute (but NOT babyish) will entice him, then pull away. he'll be aching to make another move, and soon he'll *definitely* want the real deal.

  • He might change his mind after you graduate. My friend dated a 17 year old in HS still when he was 19 and EVERYONE gave him an incredibly hard time.

    That might be the problem...


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