Contacting my ex-girlfriend?

Me and my ex were together for a year and had a brilliant time together but sadly it broke off about 6 or so months back and I still care for her greatly. We keep in touch every now and then (mostly through me initiating it). She is due to graduate and I was thinking, should I send her a card?

I would not send her any gifts or money as I have learned my lesson on that front, it would purely be on a friendship basis.

Of course I would love to get back with her one day but I'm not going to be all stalkerish or crazy about it, just got to play it cool I guess and give her the time and space.

So what do you all think? Thanks in advance!


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  • sounds the best option ;) what you don't know probably about girls that I know is that, a perfect guy is the worst type of guy, but an imperfectionist is a no-go! I know this from my sis bragging on at me about her bf- the worst type of guy is to do his actions then not tell her what he means. for example- you send her a card, she inquisites why, then you go all mysterious on her! that will drive her nutty! And YOU WONT GET HER BACK- NO CHANCE. being all 'stalkerish and crazy' is natural if your crazy about one person. Your only upset because you bonded with her, and now she has gone. The secret is though she would only go nutty if you played mysterious with her if she was a genuin kinda lass. so its upto you if you try to find out her reaction- she deosn't care- you were just a chapter happend and gone in her life and now finishing uni is her priority. If she replys in a better way than she has previously then she was probably feeling the same girls hide things better than us guys. happy to help, hope I have (dont want to sound cheeky but if this answer helped you could you award me the 'best answer' sorry I've got no points on my account!; )thanks) k?


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  • been there done that... and I got her back after 3 months it was only when I completly stopped contacting her and when she contacted me I made up a excuse y I couldn't talk then, she started calling mor and more frequenlty, finaly a little after a month I said I'm busy at the moment but I can meet you for coffee, then didn't contact her for a week and a half and when I finaly said I had time to talk she asked for me back...if you don't show her she can't just have you as her backup any time she wanted she will never have a reason to get back with you

  • If you really want to get back with her, don't send her anything. If she's interested in you, she'll call you out on it. It's simple but effective.

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